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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A treat!

Today I had a treat. In the afternoon I went into the garden and suddenly I heard a flutter of wings and something flew past me. It was nothing other than the elusive wood pecker that has been eating up most of the bird feed that I have hung. I have never seen him so close. The head was bright red with a body bright yellow and the wings were black and white. I have always seen him from far and he disappears as soon as we go into the garden. I think I took him by surprise this time as he must have been on the lawn near the hedge which is close to the rear window so he did not see me at once. It made my day. These are some flowers that are blooming in the garden. I planted the roses last year and they are beautiful and fragrant. Except for the last one I am not sure what has happened to it, it is not healthy and not the right colour either. It is supposed to be almost black in colour.


  1. beautiful flowers! I really like the ones in the top picture :D

    it might be the soil that is causing the bottom one to not be the right colour. I know for some plants the soil acidity can effect the colours

  2. Wow! look at your Clematis@! so heavily laden with blooms....I can't get mine to do anything. That does it. Time to buy a new one and try a different spot...!

  3. Love all the gorgeous flowers! Just beautiful!

    Norma S.

    Hey, I just noticed you DON"T have my blog on your list. :(
    Please add me.

  4. Beautiful photos. Wonderful colors.

  5. Shashi, you have the 'green thumb'! Don't they smell soooo good! Sue

  6. Shashi
    your roses are beautiful and a woody wood pecker- amazing- thats another bird thats not out here in the wilds of Aust. Maybe one day you might get a photo of your man?? I would love to see it- but hes flighty isnt he so u prolly wont be able to catch him, never mind a thought.
    Also a thought on your rose- have you checked the graft site on your rose??- and if you have is this particular part of the rose bush from the upper graft area or below the graft??- It maybe that you have the woodstock rose flowering and not the grafted or maybe its none of this and Bears talking out the side of her mouth again
    Just a thought.....
    love n hugs always bear xoxoxoxo

  7. Hi Sashi,
    beautifull roses. The stock plant does not usually flowers, just grows and grows and you will find 7 leaves instead of 5. I see some spots on the leaves (Blackspots?) - a chronic problem with the roses plants I used to have here. This summer I finally gave up.



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