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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back from mini holiday

Just got back from a mini holiday in Verona. The weather was lovely and so was Verona. Did the usual touristisy stuff and visited some lovely places. Like many cities in Italy Verona is also steeped in history.Below as you can guess by the picture, is the so called Julliet's balcony. Don't how much of it is true but it was fun anyway.
I wish I could have got an uninterrupted view of the Arena but the Opera Festival was on so they had loads of stage settings stacked outside it somehow spoilt the view. Here is some of the the stage settings. I did however go for one of the opera shows "Aida". Now I am not a great fan of opera and was wondering if I would be able to last all the 3hrs on a not so comfortable seat until midnight after a long hot day wandering the streets of Verona.
I needn't have feared as from the moment the opera started I was spell bound. It was wonderful the atmosphere was amazing. I have never seen people so relaxed and yet so very attentive whenever the opera was on. There was a 10-15 mins interval after every 45 mins or so which made it all so less formal. The singing and the music and the acting was wonderful . Even though I didn't understand the language I would recommend anyone who goes to Verona not to miss the Opera show it is fantastic. Below is the picture of the Amphitheater just before the show began
Some of the huge stage settings outside the Amphitheater
Below is Piazza della Erbe by the way that couple were not posing for me lol!
Inside the bridge of Castle Vecchio
This is the bridge from the outside over the river Adige
The old stone bridge over river Adige The Amphitheater from inside Some lovely frescos on the walls of buildings in the Piazza della Erbe
Enterance to some flats I think. The courtyard looks so magical.
Lake Garda Finally just a little clip from the Opera Aida. Sorry my camera ran out of battery I would have loved to have taken whole dance scene.


  1. Hi Shashi,

    Your pics and vacation are very lovely too! I love opera. All that raw emotion in sound and sight!
    Something in us gets it all.....it has nothing to do with understanding the language. I admire your adventuresome spirit! Sue

  2. Looks to have been a lovely vacation, Shashi. I enjoyed all the photos, and would love to go there someday.

  3. Great photos Shashi. You are very lucky to be a world traveler and able to see such wonderful sites.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I wish I could take a mini vacation to Verona...or anywhere in Italy for that matter...lucky, lucky you :)
    Your photos are great.

  5. I love opera, would love to see one live :) thank you for the pics, looks like a lovely place to have a holiday

  6. Wow, these are great photos. I love the exterior of that one, several photos down.

  7. What a lovely mini-vacation! Great pics too, Shashi...I enjoyed hearing about it all. Like you, I'm not a fan of opera at all though there are some opera songs I am mesmerised by. I'm glad that watching it live was a more enjoyable experience for you.

  8. Welcome home Shashi, though I am inclined to be annoyed that you can just pop over to Italy for a few days, LOL! THAT'S Juliette's balcony? Not at all what I was expecting, but oh, how lovely Verona is. I'm so glad you had a pleasant weekend. Did I mention that I'm also glad you're back?

  9. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I can see that as Juliet's balcony. I laughed so hard at the couple smiling at you. I am an American. The just had that whole look on their face screaming Tourist! Too cute. I live in a big Tourist area.

    I would have crawled in the Opera House to see Aida. I would have been living there for the whole festival. I am obsessed with Opera. I am so envious you were able to go to the fest. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Oh lucky you Shashi - I've always wanted to go to Verona! The balcony photo is lovely and I really like those buildings with the frescoes.
    Linda x
    PS I couldn't access the video clip but I'll have another try tomorrow.

  11. Wonderful pictures of your marvelous vacation. Thank you for sharing your trip with us, it was a real treat.

  12. Hi Shashi,
    Welcome back!
    I have been to Italy several times but never to Verona. Love the photos and hope you had a lovely time.


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