"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

While the weather lasts....

I love Clemetis so I went and bought this one which I have seen for the first time in the shops. It is called Princess Diana. It has a lovely delicate looking pink flower. This is the first one that bloomed. But I have been having bit of a problem with it. I think all the bugs and slugs and snails on earth love it as I find the plant disappearing bit by bit every morning. I have tried spraying it and putting slug pellets etc and still something is eating it up. It is sad as I love those lovely flowers. I have increased the amount of slug pellets so hope it will do the trick and let the plant survive. I don't usually like to put slug pellets because of the birds. I bought some that says they are bird and pet friendly so lets see if it works. We have been having some nice weather lately so I am hoping the flowers will bloom quickly. The Japanese anemones at least that is what I think they are always give a lovely display in the late summer.
This is a close up of the flowers of the plant below. The plant is call Thalcium I think. I love the delicate light shade of lavender flowers. They almost look like Gypsophillia which are white in colour.
Finally I am off for lunch now, that pie in the oven is calling me lol!.
Actually I tell a lie. I have still some time to go for lunch hour but I am now off to put some hair on my dolly. I hate that part of dollmaking.


  1. gorgeous flowers :D could it be a mouse or hedgehog eating the pink flowers?

  2. Your flowers are always so beautiful!
    I hope that pie was as yummy as it looks!

  3. Your music is lovely today, by the way.

  4. What a beautiful flowers!

  5. Maybe it's grasshoppers? They like to munch on leaves too. I hope whatever you're doing works. Your garden is filled with such pretty flowers.

    I hope you enjoyed that pie...before I became vegetarian, I used to love meat pies and sausage rolls. The kids still enjoy them though.

  6. SO beautiful! I have tried and tried to grow clematis and have come up with a different way to kill every one... I feel like a murderer. I hope you find what is doing it's bad work on yours. And Oh! that pie looks good!

  7. How beautiful your garden must be in person. I love clematus. Can't grow it FL, but had it in IL. Mine thrived with no care at all. A pair of cardinals nexted in it several summers.

  8. Oh those pinks are yummy.......almost as yummy as that pie!!!!


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