"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Shaping up!

I know she is nowhere near even looking like a proper doll. But I am having so much fun with her. I also know that I really need to felt everything more. But I am impatient and want to get the project finished, so the felting is not enough on her. However since she is my first ever felted project I just wanted to try my hand out to see if I could do it. I am using all the bits of wool that I have collected over the years. A pity that I couldn't go to the knitting and stitching show this year to collect more treasures.Sorry Choc it was not a bone for you that I was making ha..ha..

Yesterday went for some shopping in London. In the past John Lewis would have lots and lots of beautiful remenants during this time of the year. But in recent years they have reduced their fabric section drastically which is so very sad. They also don't have that many remenants out for grabs. But yesterday amongst the very few fabrics I found this beautiful silk dupion. I just had to have it. The lovely colour does not show very well in this photo but the fabric is divine. I am really pleased that I found it first.


  1. Hi Ya Shashi
    love your little felted doll!
    Oh my oh me felting will get you in really will - next time you will be buying an embellisher machine, now then THATS Better fun- its terrific you can make great clothing scarves vests picture frames- heapsa stuff But I love your little blue kid. and the fabric was a good buy as well What a sad state of affairs re the fabric not there any more, darn it!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  2. All types of felting is fun Shashi! I took a wet fine felting class this Fall and fell in love with it! Your doll is cute. Watch you don't prick your finger with that wicked felting needle(s)!

  3. Love your little doll! The fabric is gorgeous. Nice find.

  4. OMG! I can't believe the bone has turned into a doll. Way to go, Shashi. I've never tried felting. but you're off to a great start.

  5. she is looking great. I used to l ove John Lewes's fabric department

  6. oh ok thats what you were making :) well done

  7. Shashi...she's gorgeous!! I absolutely love her and now you have inspired me; I want to make one!!
    (Thank you for the mention BTW)
    Linda x

  8. Shashi,
    I love your felted doll. Can't wait to see her finished. I want to make a felted doll too but maybe next year. Right now too many things on my plate. :)

  9. The doll is adorable.
    Fabric is gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for leaving comments for and especially for Alan, he will be thrilled! :)


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