"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Certainly SPRING!!

I must apologise for being absent for a bit from my blog. I haven't had much to say or show as I have been trying to fight sinus problems. But things are looking up now and now that spring is here, it is certainly here isn't it?
Just walking through the garden I spotted these lovely Camelias. I do believe I have not seen them in bloom before. It just was a green foliage for a long time but this year it has given a surprise and bloomed in this lovely delicate creamy colour.

We do have several single petal ones and again this one has given us a surprise with its double petals.
This little primrose will not let the others take the lime light. It struggles valiently through the dried undergrowth to show that it is well and kicking.

Daffodiles are always a joy to see in any garden.
I nearly missed this rhododendron from seeing it in bloom. It is hidden away behind a huge bush.

Ah I see that our visitors are coming back to sun themselves in the garden.


  1. Its always great to see spring flowers. Your double camelia is beautiful

  2. Isn't Spring so beautiful? I so love the flowers in bloom.

  3. I love camellias but have never grown them. Yours are beautiful! Your flowers are way ahead of mine. We still have lots of clean up to do after the severe winter we've had.
    But your lovely blooms give me hope!

  4. ohhh...I truly am green with envy.... a garden with new spring growth...we have such a short growing season... and it doesn't begin for quite a while yet. There is about one inch of new Iris shoots ..that's all I see poking through the dead and brown "stuff" .... sigh..... yours is beautiuful...

    Guess i'll stay indoors and play with bunnies, bears and dolls for awhile yet instead...

  5. I'm with Vee ... we still have snow on the ground so it's great to see your flowers!

  6. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers. And a lady bug for good luck!

  7. such gorgeous flowers :D wonderful to finally see flowers after so much snow

  8. Hi Shashi,
    What a delightful blog, and I love the photographs, beautiful, especially those camellias. I have just looked at your wings tutorial, which is fabulous. I will be adding your blog to my favourites!
    Jules x

  9. Oh Shashi! Your Srping pictures are beautiful! I just want to smell the flowers.Say hello to your cute little visitor for me! Papillons are good friends with ladybirds.
    Hope you are feeling better with your sinus problems.

  10. Beautiful pics! We have not had any flowers bloom here yet, but they are poking through the earth.

    I hope that your sinus problems get better soon. I know how painful that can be!


  11. Stunning flowers Shashi and thanks for sharing... certainly makes me feel happy and sure that the good weather is on its way...at last :D

    Hope your sinus problems have cleared up now and that you feel better my friend.

    Chris xx

  12. Beautiful blooms, hope your sinuses get better. Spring is rough for those of us with allergic stuff.

  13. Beautiful spring flowers! I hope you are feeling much better now, Shashi ~ xo


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