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Friday, April 23, 2010

Home at last!!!

Hello all after travelling 15hrs by an overnight train from Lisbon that had no sleeping arrangements in it to Hendaye which is the French border and then driving for another 8 hrs non stop immediately to catch a Ferry at Le Havre and ferrying across for 3 hrs and then driving again for another 2 hrs we were finally back home past midnight on Wednesday. It was supposed to have been a short 4 nights stay in Lisbon but we got grounded in Lisbon due to the air chaos. Then we decided to make our own way back since we could not see an immediate end to the problem and here I am. However it was a very enjoyable stay in Lisbon and we had a great time. I am still trying to get over the horrendous journey so I shall leave you with some images of Lisbon. Don't forget to click on the pictures to get a better view.

Our tram making its way through narrow streets of the old city. At some places there was no room for people to walk .
An elevator in the town which connects the lower level to the higher level of the city.
The Portugese are good craftsmen and they particularly seem to be good at pottery making and clay sculptres.
Hey are you not finished yet there is a que building up!
In one of the old Castle we went looking for the loos and I just could not resist taking this lol!
A peocock goodbye at the castle
Beautiful exterior of train station Rossi
Entrance to a Moorish palace in Sintra
Rossi square all lit in the night
Route 28 of the tram which takes you through the beautiful old town of Lisbon.
Another view of the Moorish castle
I loved these clay sculptres outside many restraunts and bars.

These are some of the many tiles that decorate the city walls
Money and pastry? Thank you I'll have both lol!


  1. Your pictures are great. So glad you are safe at home. Thanks for sharing the great scenes.

  2. Wow, I enlarged each one and enjoyed the tour, especially the narrow streets and old buildings, the castle, ...they were all great. Can't wait to see more. Sounds like such a hassle trying to get back.

  3. I have a plate just like those pottery plates in the display! We have Portuguese friends that have just moved back to a small town in Portugal after living in various other places for many years. some day we hope to visit them there...

    It was the worst possible time to move back I'm sure with the way the economy is going...

    It almost reminds me of San Francisco (it was many years ago that I was there now) seeing the little trams on hillsides...

  4. I'm so glad that you had a safe journey home in the midst of all the air traffic chaos. Gorgeous pictures too!

  5. It looks great. Glad to see you got back safely.

  6. Great pictures. Glad that you reached home safely.

  7. You have the best adventures - even the horrible trip home must have been something to experience! Glad to see you are home safe and sound though.

  8. Shashi,
    So glad that you made it back. What a hassle this whole thing has been, huh?

  9. glad you made it back :)
    love the photos, the sculptures outside the restaurants are pretty cool :)

  10. I especially enjoyed seeing the pottery and sculpture! The scenery is charming, too, and that wonderful castle!
    I hope you are getting rested from your trip home now.......

  11. Welcome back, Shashi.
    Love the photos and all the neat sculptures. :)


  12. Great photos and it looks like you had a good time.
    It sounds like you quite a journey due to the Volcano in my homeland. Good to know that you are safely home.

  13. Fantastic photos...looks like you had a great time. What a relief to get home safely though!

  14. Lovely photos, Shashi! I liked the window display of pottery and the sculpted figure outside the seafood restaurant.


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