"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Work in progress

Another doll but not strickly a cloth doll. This is a DIP from Jane DesRosier's cloth and clay art doll group class. I should be really be engrossed in making my gypsy but no inspiration is coming yet, but at least I am begining to create something which is a good thing. I did forget to give her knee joints so she will just have to hang when I finish her lol!


  1. looks like your muse returned from her vacation! can't wait to see this piece done!

  2. Shashi, can't you just stitch across the knee area now? If the gesso is too stiff.... just hammer a small dowel across the area to soften it a bit?

    She looks great.... I loved that little class... made two from the pattern and technique though I did adjust her measurements for my second gal... made her a bit slimmer in shoulders and waist... well...all the way down to her legs actually...lol...

    Some year I must do the gypsy challenge... is there a place where I can find more info about it?
    and...finally...... chocolate cake at my Tea and Scones blog... direct link from the other one....

  3. I was interested to see you are following an on line class and its a success. The elf is brilliant,and the clothes. I must try a class, I know I need one. Jill

  4. Hi Shashi,

    Can't wait to see this doll all painted or dressed. Hey you didn't show us her feet. Did you make her shoes? :)


  5. Okay, going to remember to come back to see her. I love your dolls.

    but you forgot her knee joint? That's not nice.

  6. Now that looks familiar...I did this class too! She's coming along just great. Hope you enjoy it...I did :-)


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