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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today I recieved  a couple of books that I was eargerly looking forward to. I am just loving what I am seeing in them so far. I bought them from a shop called  Book Depository who claim that they will deliver postage free to any part of the world. Personally I think they probably include the postage fee in the price as nothing comes free in this world, but having said that their price was not that much more than Amazon. I checked the doll book and in Amazon they are selling it a pound cheaper but if one adds postage to it it probably will work out the same. It is worth checking up on other books to see if you will get it sent postage free if you live abroad.


  1. Hi Shashi, Thank you for the tip about the books! I was so sorry to hear your story about the doll you lost, sadly, there are some very unscrupulous people in this world, and I am sure that eventually her actions will catch up with her. I hope it didn't put you off as I am sure there are lots of really nice folk out there who would be absolutely thrilled at the chance to own one of your lovely dolls.xxx

  2. Hi Shashi,

    I have bought books from the Book Depository and they are all new. :)
    Is the ClothDoll Workshop book worth buying? I am thinking of it.

  3. oooooooh like the look of both those books can't crochet though!

  4. I use The Book Depository all the time - have been for years. Their prices are often slightly lower than those of Amazon; when I order from them, not only is the shipping free, but the books arrive more quickly (from the UK to France) than when I order from Amazon France!


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