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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The frost got them so sad

I had bought these beautiful lilies in the Hampton Court Flower show and I had asked the lady when I should plant the bulbs. She said immediately and that is what I did. They were coming up so beautifully and I was looking forward to seeing the flowers but sadly we had severe frost this week and this is how they look now so sad. I hope they will come up next year and this has not had an effect on the bulbs. It has warmed up a bit today but I think these plants have had it.
Thank you all for your commiserations regarding my doll but yes it has gone so that is that.


  1. how sad. lets hope the pop up next year

  2. Darn. Are they stargazers! I love the aroma of them. In fact they are one of my favorite flowers. But as long as the bulbs are in the ground, they will bloom again next year probably.

    Mine did, year and year...of course are climate might be warmer, probably is.

  3. Shashi,

    Oh poor flowers! But they will bloom again as long as you leave the bulbs in the ground for next year.


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