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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Land of midnight sun and trolls

I have been away visiting the Norwegian Fjords. Had a lovely time. The breathtaking beauty of the Fjords was awesome. So here are some pictures that I want to share with you. I loved the different trolls that were displayed in front of shops and in the shops. 
I couldn't possibly have brought home the large ones but settled on these tiny adorable guys:-)

To my delight I even found a delightful little illustrated storybook which even has a DVD included.
I think there will be a little troll doll coming up in the near future:-)

Mother Nature put up some spectacular shows for us. I could catch on camera only a fraction of it.

The Birksdal glacier

Visited the old Bergen houses . We were allowed to go into so e of them and one was a toy maker's house. I apologise for the bad quality of the pictures of the toy maker's house. The light was not good and most of the stuff was locked away in cabinets.

I think we used all modes of travel during the last ten days. We travelled by boat,rail, bus but had a fantastic time.
I will try and catch up with all the blogs this week. Hope your summer has been good too.


  1. Hi Shashi, I’ve called in a couple of times while you were away, then I went away, so am just catching up. What an amazing post, I love all your photos, especially the one of the rainbow and the one where it looks like the mountain is on fire. I would love to visit that toy maker’s house that is my idea of heaven. I also like your pretty book and the trolls, looking forward to seeing your new troll dolls! Have a super weekend, Barbara.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Visiting the fjords was a wonderful experience which I enjoyed thoroughly. I thought about you in the toy makers house and took the photos to show you. Hope you will be able to visit one day

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  4. Hi Shashi
    What a wonderful place to visit! Your pictures are wonderful. don't you just LOVE trolls, especially those littles you brought home with you.

  5. Thank you Carol yes it was awesome to be amongst towering mountains and hundreds of cascading waterfalls and the beautiful serene waters of the fjords

  6. Wow how splendid to view such gorgeous scenes. I hope you enjoyed your visit and thank-you for sharing your photos. For some reason your posts are not showing up in my reading blog list.

  7. wow, glad you shared those pics!!!

    what a beautiful area and I'm envious!!

  8. Sometimes I am not able to post comments.
    Sometimes comments go into the spam box.

  9. AWESOME ! It looks straight out of blyton's world or the wonderland... beautiful images, special mention the one with the mountains catching the sun .... and yes , the trolls:)

  10. Thank you Kokila it was a wonderful place and we had a wonderful time


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