"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where is Milli?

Yesterday I had left Milli sitting here. Sometime in the night when I woke up briefly I noticed she was missing from her perch. So I went looking for her. Where could she be? As I came out to the landing I saw this.....
This is what I overheard ...
Pepi " come down Milli!" 

 " but how?" Shouted back Milli "the stairs are too steep I will get hurt". 

Oh just chuck yourself down you won't get hurt I promise said Pepi with her fingers crossed behind her back.
Wait I found a way said Milli

Pepi"why the hell did I not think of that! You got brains for a doll
Come on I shall introduce you to some interesting people.
Meet Saphire. Milli "why is she that colour, is she dead do you think.?
Don't be silly that's the colour she is supposed to be and don't ask my why! Said Pepi
Oh! said Milli.

This is Rushme, she feeds the birds. Oh the lady from Mary Poppins I am ever so glad to meet you lady said Milli. 
A deep sigh from Pepi come on let's go.

Now let me tell you Milli, don't you come out with some silly comment. This is Poncho Santa's helper. You have to be in his good books or else you won't get a present for Christmas said Pepi.
Ok mums the word said Milli and looked at him in awe.

Time for some refreshments yippee! I say these look rather depleted don't tell me you ate them all Pepi! cried Milli. Well uhum err.. Yes I do tend to pop one into my mouth in passing, but I did not realise I had done that once too often said Pepi sheepishly.
Ok never mind show me where you live.
I live up there on the second floor said Pepi. 
Milli "oh my it seems rather crowded. Yes it is but everyone is so friendly you will like it here. I hope Shashi puts you up with me. 
Now we can relax and let me tell you this this is the most comfortable place in this room. Don't even go near the sofa or chair they are useless said Pepi.
I will try it out before I take your word for it said Milli.
I say said Pepi looking closely at Milli "why are you wearing so much makeup?"
Don't you know we are going to India soon said Milli
No I have not been told anything, I have been totally neglected for years and have had no make up done by you know who, I will NOT mention names said Pepi.
So the conversation carried on till late and I had to retreat quietly into my room


  1. Oh that was great. I am sure my bears all have conversations.

    Milli's dress is lovely too.

  2. love her outfit :) that cabinet looks almost ready to burst :)

  3. Ha ha yes it is rather full now I am wondering where I am going to put when I make more dolls

  4. What a fun story with some amazing dolls!
    hugs Karen

  5. What fun-Milli and Pepi are a great double act!

  6. Thanks Jules although I think Pepi is the dominant one of the two :o)

  7. OH Yay! They are great pals already. I think Milli is the bomb!
    xx, Carol

  8. Hi Mili ! I am a new friend and hopes to visit you often..... You are really pretty and quite similar to the way I used to be in my teens... the two braids and this beautiful vibrant check wali dress.... Seriously Shashi ,if I could lay my hands on some old pics I'll definitely share with you to prove the similarities :)

  9. oh i loved this whole post - fun fun to read and love all the dolls! Wish I could go to India! I often google different areas in india so I can travel there while on the ocmputer.

    I sure loved the last movie I saw
    ..the hundred foot journey..."

  10. Ha ha you could be right Carol!

  11. Wow that would be lovely Kokila to see the similarities I hope you find the photos

  12. Thanks Sandy I too do a lot of virtual traveling Sandy. It is wonderful that we can do that now with the modern technology.

  13. Hi Shashi, what a fun post, I love all the dolls. Is it OK to call them that? Perhaps I should say I love all the people :-) Milli's dress is lovely. xx

  14. Hi Barbara , while making my dolls they generally tend to turn into little people who either are difficult by nature or very amicable :-) each one seems to develop into a particular character. So yes they could be called little people I suppose :-). Thank you for your lovely comment

  15. Hi Shashi,

    Love the dolls and the story! :)

  16. Dear Shashi, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I really enjoyed reading about your childhood journeys. Barbara x
    PS Little People it is then :-)

  17. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog Barbara. I very surprised and honoured to be mentioned because it seemed like just another ordinary post of mine:o))

  18. ohhh Milli é adoravel e oque dizer das suas amigas sao todas lindas.beijos de ternura.

  19. Hey millie and Shashi... what's up ? Long time no see :(

  20. Thank you Diane and Duendes for your lovely comments..
    I really appreciate it

  21. Dear Kokila thank you for your sweet comments. I am in India and looking after my elderly mum during my stay here so I do not get much time on the computer. Hope to get back to blogging once I get back home


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