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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being absent

I am sorry I have not been able to blog much lately or visit all the blogs lately due to circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully I will get back to it soon. This is where I am but no I am not staying in one of these places!

I have been busy looking after my elderly mum.

Buying groceries

And going to and fro doing umpteen little chores and everyday I pass this billboard and wonder what it says. Must ask as I unfortunately cannot read or right Tamil although I can speak and understand it just because I was born and grew up in Northern India. 


  1. Hello Shashi, I have been over a couple of times but didn’t find you at home (in Blogland that is!) :-)
    Remember to look after yourself while looking after your mum.
    I’m intrigued by that board do tell what it’s about when you find out.xx

  2. Dear Barbara thank you. Yes I will definitely find out. It is so eye catching.

  3. Hi Shashi,

    So happy to see you post. Hope your Mom is ok. Please take care of her and yourself too.
    Sending healing hugs to both of you!

  4. Shashi, Don't worry - we will be here when life is less busy.

    I do hope your mum is much better very soon. Warmest wishes to her and to you - and please do tell us what the sign says when you find out!x

  5. Taking care of you mum is the important matter and she's fortunate that she has you. I wish you and your mum well.

    The little grocery store you frequent is so very quaint. Thanks for sharing...take care.

  6. Best Wishes for your mom to feel better soon. Take care and find out about that sign! ~lol~

  7. Hope your mum is better soon .

  8. Hey Shashi....sending you some hugs.....I've been there looking after Mums and sisters.... we want/need to do it...but, it is not always easy......

    I just got back from my sister's and this time she was supposed to cook for me as I just had surgery ...but, it didn't happen....she just seems not to do it...so I had to cook for us all...sigh..... good thing it was only a long weekend....I was happy to come home ....

  9. Thank you Norma, Jules, Bethann,Carol, Wendy, and Bumblevee! Your encouraging posts and support is much appreciated. But it is not an easy life for the old and it is not easy watching your loved ones get old either.

  10. Dear Shashi... As I was also on a sudden unexpected break from the Net, I was not aware of you Mum' s health.. Am so glad she is fine now though I agree that its ahrd to see your loved ones growing old.
    ..And it was sad that you were here and I was not aware about it.. May be if conditions had been better we could have met ..
    At least we are in touch here :)
    wishes ,

  11. Dear Kokila yes it is hard to see parents grow old. It would be lovely to meet up with you but you are not in Chennai so it makes it that more difficult. I come to chennai often but for short time.


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