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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Time where has it gone?

I have been away again and when I came back I caught the flu so the time has flown away suddenly. After the flu I have felt so lethargic and uninterested in things. I hope it will pass soon as believe it or not I have to be away again and I need my strength back to deal with all the travelling I am doing. In the meanwhile spring has come here and the weather has been so lovely. I love this time of the year with the plants beginning to wake up after their long slumber.
Our pond is at last up and running. But I have got to do something about that vile green stuff that keeps appearing. Have to do some planting around it too which will have to wait till I get back.

We did a lot of work with our driveway patio and foot paths around the garden and I find that we have lost many plants in the process. 
I am sad that we lost a couple of our rhododendrons also. I guess they did not like the ground being disturbed around the surrounding areas.

However these bushes survived. A splash of colour in our somewhat sparse garden this year. 

I found this cute little clay pot in a fair during my last visit. I will have to plant something in it after I get back.

One of the best things that happened during my last visit home was I found 2 very close friends from my school days. I have been searching for them for a long time and I could not find them. I searched FB again and again over the years and still drew a blank.  I had almost lost hope and then  I thought of searching one last time a few weeks ago. While searching I suddenly came upon my friend's page. I knew it was her but also noticed her page had not been used at all for a number of years and also it said she lived in Germany. I sent her message with little hope of getting a response and I did not. I sent messages to several of her FB friends but still got no response. Then I searched for the place where she had worked in India. I found her university where she had worked. I thought, if she had returned she just might have come back to her original place of work. So I contacted her work place who were either not bothered to give me information or did not want to give it. However after another search of the university website I found her! Wow and actually spoke to her too. I still cannot believe it! 

After finding my first friend I renewed my search vigorously for the second friend. Finding her was again just luck. I came across her sister's page on FB. Since I knew her sister only briefly I was not entirely sure that it was her so looked into her friends photos and I was pretty sure I was on the right track because of family members resemblances. Again I found that this sister did not use FB even though she had an account. But again I sent off a mail not expecting a reply. After waiting several days I looked into her profile a bit further and lo and behold there was a phone number. What luck! Finally I got in touch with my friend through her sister. So it has been 7 years since I have been on FB and searching them but before that I have tried other ways but FB won in the end.


  1. really cool looking pound :D

    thats great you were able to talk to your friends again :D

    1. I got some plants and fish in it now.:-)


  2. Dear Shashi, welcome back and thank you for coming to visit me while you have so much going on. I really appreciate your comments, and it was lovely to hear from you. I’ve been keeping up with you on Facebook, so I knew you had made contact with some old friends, but it was nice to read the story of how it came about. never found any of my school friends on FB, but it could be that none of them use it. I do as it's the best way to keep in touch with the family in but I probably wouldn’t if it weren’t for that. So sorry to hear you have been unwell, flu is miserable! I’m nearly always ill after going on flights, I think the air is recirculated around the cabin so if anyone is ill everyone else ends up catching it!
    Your garden is looking lovely. We can’t grow rhododendrons here (we have the wrong type of soil), but I’ve always loved them. There is something you can get to stop the green algae stuff forming on ponds, I’m not sure what it’s called, but any garden centre would probably be able to tell you.
    I’m going to read your comments again now and then reply to them. Have a lovely day, Barbara x
    PS Sorry this ended up being such a long comment – more like a letter really!

    1. Thank you Barbara for visiting my blog and for your great suggestions. I got some stuff for the algae over the weekend so let's see it works.

  3. i love seeing your pond - we use to have one before we moved - i loved it. Great finding your friends. I have found people using FB - so it is really handy at times. Hope u get your motivation and inspiration back.

    1. Thanks Sandy yes it was lovely finding my friends and catching up with them after all these years

  4. The pond is lovely and the plants and flowers that did survive are very colorful. I wish you well during your recovery and travelling.

  5. Thank you Beth Ann for your kind comments

  6. I know that feeling so well Shashi.. It happens every time my mother visit me down South, her plants and her birds were much neglected. She always keep on pining for them when she is here and for us when she is there up North . You have a beautiful pond though it definitely need more time cleaning up .. The clay-pot is looking like a snail looking up expectantly :) :)
    its good to know you found your old friends finally !
    And last but not the least I am Back dear (as you already know ) :) :)


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