"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Lovely goodies

Earlier this week I received some lovely goodies in the form of children's vintage books from Barbara. 
Sadly I just found out that Barbara is closing her shop due to health reasons but if you are interested in children's books hurry she has some lovely books on Sale which you will never get them at this price. 

So let me tell you that my books came beautifully wrapped up that it felt as though I was opening my Christmas presents.

These are the beautiful books I got with beautiful illustrations which are so inspiring.

Barbara included these delightful book marks

And she is so generous that she even included a little something special . This beautiful vintage post card is so adorable. They take me right back to my childhood days. Thank you Barbara for your generous thoughtful inclusion of this delightful postcard. I shall treasure it.


  1. Dear Shashi, thank you so much for this! You’ve made the parcel, and all the goodies look beautiful. I’m so sorry it took me a couple of days to get over here. I have been completely overwhelmed with emails and letters – everyone has been so lovely. I’ve also been amazed at the number of orders I’ve received – I’m retiring but have never worked so hard! Thank you again Shashi, I appreciate your friendship. Barbara x

  2. No need to apologise Barbara the books arrived here by super fast mail looks like :-) unfortunately I was not at home to receive them so I had to wait for a day before I could go to the post office to collect them. I am not surprised that you are getting so many orders and mail because you have been so good to customers and I am sure you add that little personal touch to your parcels which go a long way. Also your blog posts have always been a delight to read as well as so informative about the books you sold. I wish you all the best in your new venture even though it is going to be very low key. Wish also that you will enjoy better health and enjoy your time with your family.

  3. what fun to get these books. Up until we sold our house I would go to thrift stores and buy childrens books just for their illustrations. I gave them all away when we moved because I had quite a big collection. Reading this i realize I would love to still have them.

  4. How delightful - what a wonderful parcel! I especially love the fairy books. Enjoy being inspired!x

  5. What a wonderful gift it is Shashi ! I love Barbara and her blog so much that it was not less than a shock to her her shut it down . Thank Goodness its not entirely closed : ) A Lovely parcel from a lovely friend :)


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