"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

Bump! bump! BUMP! Now what was that noise that woke me up in the night? Were there burgalars in the house, can't be as the alarm would have gone. So I got up and crept down the stairs. As I came down this is what I saw...... Ouch! that was not a soft landing.

Darn why can't they make these settees smaller for dolls to climb up easily? Hey lady why do you have to live so high up. It took me ages to climb up to you to talk! Oh did she really? you don't say..... I thought she had bought that dress from a shop... (oh nothing like having a bit of girly gossip along the way)

No one told me to come in my dancing costume. Now I can't come with you for the dance party.

Oh look who is this? There is a baby too. Certainly this is much more fun than a dance... I am a bit peckish now sigh! I wish I could eat these.. At last I can put my feet up.

Now that Pepi has gone to sleep I can tell you a bit more about her. I am going to teach her in India when I go there in a weeks time. I made her as simple as possible as from past experience I know I will get students who don't even know how to thread a needle lol! I hope I will get enough students too. I would have liked to have made her in a brown colour fabric but unfortunately I couldn't find any in that colour in India. I used Indian fabric so that the students will be able to buy it there. Inspite of being able to get such fabulous silks and cottons in India I just am not able to find plain cotton in different shades which have a very high thread count. So I have to make do with what I get. For those who don't know, cotton fabric with high thread count works well for these kind of dolls as it does not fray easily. Ofcourse one could use synthetic fabrics but it is not the same.


  1. So sweet, I love this poetic tale of yours...
    I'm on "walkabout" for a while, back soon :)

  2. I knew dolls got up and walked around in the night! Looks like your lovely one had quite an adventure. Good luck with the teaching trip :-)

  3. She's adorable, Shashi, and is having way too much fun it seems! I'm sure she'll enjoy the journey to India with you.

  4. Oh my word Shashi... you have made my day... I have laughed so loud at your dolls little journey...they are sooooo naughty, I can hardly breath...ROFL You are so funny :)
    Once again though you produce something amazing... I just LOVE seeing your latest addition to the family!!
    Chris xx

  5. Pepi is lovely. And I thought your little story wonderful. Its good to see other dolls having fun. My bears and dolls get up to all sorts of things.

  6. Oh my goodness, are you going to trust her in your luggage? She might crawl out and go exploring! She is quite the adventurer - and such a pretty one at that!

  7. Shashi- The story and dolls are adorable! Well done.

  8. She is a beauty and I'm sure will be a big hit for the students.Loved reading her adventures!

  9. She's quite a character! I particularly love her hair and her shoes. Hope you both have a wonderful time in India...take care. Love Linda xx

  10. oh Shashi
    the ladies in Chennai
    will love making this oh so gorjas little girl- isnt she inquisitive as well she looks like she is going to get into heapsa of mischief along the way
    love her and you hope your feet and back are feeling ever so much better friend
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Cute story Shashi and a cuter doll. Have fun teaching the class. Your students are going to love her and the class too.

  12. She is adorable! I love her hair style. She would be a great class!

    Fell better and wishing that your back every day would feel better and better.
    Best wishes,

  13. Shashiji, you didn't tell us you are a writer as well as a brilliant doll maker! LOL! I enjoyed your cute story so much, and your Pepi is a charmer! Such nice detail work makes her very special! I'll enjoy seeing how your pupils do in making her! Safe trip, little friend!

  14. LOL! Shashi, you are so funny and imaginative! I loved seeing Pepi's escapades- the one with the elephant is my favorite. She will be a great doll to teach- best of luck with the class.

  15. Shashi,
    I love reading about Pepi. LOL LOL
    How adorable.
    Love & Hugs


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