"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Progress on Pandora

This is how far I have got to with my Pandora. I have a feeling I will have to reglue the arms again with a different glue as I feel that super glue is not good enough to hold it properly. I have to also repair one of her fingers which I managed to break. But for present just a few embellishments and she is done. I didn't do the Monday challenge as I didn't have anything interesting to show. I know you must have got fed up with the flowers but these bloomed after a heavey shower last night and I thought they look lovely so I wanted to share.


  1. Never tire of flowers,and a pretty doll you make!

  2. I just love this- even with the less than perfect finger. Who is going to notice that with her fantastic face and all the rich embellishing.

    I am enjoying everyone's summer flower photos very much. I can never see too many photos of flowers- and those are gorgeous.

  3. Pandora is looking fabulous, Shashi....I like your use of all the embellishments.

    The lilies are gorgeous! I would never tire of flower pictures either ~ :)

  4. hello again , Rose beads ,I gather petals and put in pot of water,so water is above the leaves.I heat to boiling point and let it cool down.I do this 4 days.Then the flower mass is ready .I drain water(have wondered if I can paint with the water)pres water out of a small handfull and start making balls..they shrik alot ,so a large marble is good for starters.Then leave to drt,but have to form as it is drying!there you go. have a nice day

  5. I love her headdress :D great attention to detail with her

    never get fed up with flowers, and those are gorgeous!

  6. Your work is coming along very, very nice, love it!
    And beautiful flowers!

  7. The pandora is beautiful!

    The colours on those lillies are beautiful. They are my favourite type of flower too!

  8. Lillies that beautiful deserve to be photographed Shashi. I so love these little glimpses into other people's worlds! Pandora looks great even in the full-size photo. I couldn't even find the broken bits. What a lot of work she must have been.

  9. Your Pandora is beautiful!! I made it big also. I didn't see anything wrong. The flowers are pretty too.

  10. never too many flowers Shashi....for me....

    and.... for glue.... have you ever tried a bit of Apoxy Sculpt> it is two part sculpting clay..but, honestly..if you can get a bit in between pieces and leave it stead til it dries in about a day... ...it is pretty darn great glue. As a matter of fact..don't get it on anything else whilst playing with it is my motto!! It is a beggar to get off!!

  11. Pandora is bewdiful dear Shashi, pity bout the glue but all those terrific buttons and velvet leaves and so pretty in her purple dress and slippers- wowee shes gorjas girl simply georgeous!
    as is the flower is it of the Asiatic oriental lillie family?? very beautiful colour
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

  12. Well now I`m here, can`t stop looking at your wonderfull dolls,you are a great dollmaker.
    You can see mine ig you go back to 2009,- hope you will visit me.



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