"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way-things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Monday, October 06, 2014

Back and rested

First of all thank you to all of you for your best wishes for my mum. She is still not fully recovered and pretty weak. Hope she will feel better soon. She will be 89 on this month.
 I am back home now and almost got over the jet lag. I managed to get a better picture of the poster that was intriguing me.  I found out that the guy is a local politician like I suspected but was not sure why there was a picture of a little child. It turned out that the child is his daughter and he was celebrating her first birthday. The rest are all his party members. Sadly in India caste system is still prevalent and he is supposed to represent the schedule caste.

Today I was trying to make these fairy wings

I got a bit stuck because I don't have any glue stick! It is always something as simple as this that tends to stump you😄


  1. Hi Shashi, I’m glad your mum is feeling a little better, what a grand age. My parents died a long time ago, but my husband still has his mum and dad. His mum is 86 and his dad just had his 89th birthday.
    I would never have guessed politician. The board is so colourful I thought it was an advert for a film or stage show.
    I hate jet leg that is the worst part about visiting our son in Australia. It always takes several days to get over it. Have a good week, Barbara
    PS the fairy wings are very pretty, I used to paint and draw when I was younger but hardly ever pick up a pencil now – perhaps it’s time to start again.

  2. I think you should pick up your pencils and brush. It is so relaxing pastime. But I guess so are your books because you get to see and read such lovely ones

  3. Hi Shashi.
    Glad you are back and glad your mum is feeling a bit better. My father in law is 90 and in ill health so every day we visit him is a blessing. Luckily he lives 2 blocks away and my husband can stop by frequently.

    I wish I could draw but stick people are just about as good as I get ~lol~.
    xx, Carol

  4. Welcome back, I am very glad your mum is a bit better. It must be so hard for you when she is so far away.
    Isn't it frustrating where you have everything you need in your craft staff - except what you need!

  5. Thank you Carol. Yes it is hard being far away but not sure if being nearer makes it easier either. It is. Always hard to see our parents grow old before our eyes.

    I don't know why but I never seem to get notification when you post. Very strange

  6. Thank you Jules. It is hard being so far away.

    Very frustrating indeed lol!

  7. I'm like Barbara....I thought movie stars too .... they are all pretty handsome looking guys ...

    hey....I have two glue sticks... and, then I tried one and... man, they dry up fast. Oh, alright ...maybe it is 4 years since I used one.....hahahhaha.... toss them out I guess.

  8. glad your mom is getting better :)

  9. Guess what I found my glue stick Vee but like yours mine was as dry as a stic too

  10. I love the fairy wings!!! Isn't jet lag the worst? Hopefully you're getting lots of rest to recover.

  11. Thank you Stephenie for stopping by and for your lovely comments

  12. To mrs anon .....Sorry about that, comment now published. Try and be a bit more careful than I used to be about anon comments or late comments which are a spam dream :-)

    Cor, wish I could have fitted into your suitcase on your walk/fly about. I'm sure your fairy wings will fly to what ever beautiful creation your making :-) x x x

  13. Hi Shashi, hope your mum is still doing well. Did you get glue yet? Looking forward to seeing your creation.


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